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Anonymous: At what age did u first realize u were into photography and when did u start taking photos? What model of camera did u start with? All of these components are important, but which do u think is the MOST important 4 visuals: The model and lens one uses, their photo taking skills (lighting, angles, editing) OR their creativity, authenticity of their work & raw talent.? Also really curious about this one, do you make money off of your work? If so, do you make a comfy living? Or do you plan to


In grade 11 I bought an LG point and shoot (it was dope)… I took that cam to Las Vegas shortly after buying it and had it broken on the first day of our trip separating a fight between teammates in the lobby of our hotel… not being able to capture any of that scenery/ trip left somewhat of a void, I believe. I Bought a cam again when I was 21ish. I’ve spoke about my Sony a200 beginners cam before. 

Personally I think that talent, creativity & authenticity is more important for visuals these days. The other choice is technical aspects that anyone with a little ambition can learn and improve on- take it from someone who was taught nothing about cameras, shooting or editing. Our talent, creativity, and authenticity is what builds our individual styles. The sum of those 3 things would be considered ones “Vision” or how they view the world of photography & that’s what separates you at the end of the day. & that’s what’s missing these days. There are tonnes of striving creatives but only those with unique visions are getting put on. & That doesn’t just go for photography that goes for most arts these days. All the Unique shit is front page whether YOU personally think its wavy or not. So just be your own wave, stay true & fukk whoevers hatin.

 I’m makin money. Never comfortable far as money making goes, iono what that means… GED (Grindin Every Day, Gettin Every Dollar). But I plan on making a whole lot more with my skill in the short and long term. There’s no blueprint for creating a career out of photography these days so you gotta be creative and get it from different ways. I’m still sorting my shit out.


Backwoods runs.
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Anonymous: how do feel about niggas jacking your style?


I’ll probably never get the recognition i deserve for my contribution to this wave. Niggaz wont pay any homage these days n still try n run a track meet with my style. Bite my whole shit n act like they never heard of me lol smfh.

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all in tha 5,

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Antidote S/S 2014Model: Aleksandra RudnickaPhorographer: Cuneyt
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